Week 1 – Day 2

I started the morning with the routine: I made the readings and sat for 15 minutes. Now I am writing my blog posts.

I already feel impressed by the depth of the content. I have a deep feeling of gratitude for having encountered the mkmma course.

This mornign my sensation of overwhelming is partly dissipated and I trust my ability to find the way to accomplish my desires.


Week 1 – Day 1

MKMMA started on last sunday night. I was tired, my eyes were stinging. Though I could focus very well on the webinar and I could feel how empowering the discourse was.

Monday, day 1, week 1. I haven’t slept enough and feel more tired than ever.

I spent the morning with our daughters. The afternoon was chaotic. I felt owerwhelmed, wondering how am I going to accomplish all my desires, all my passions, …

I decided to go to bed earlier although I could have staied and made progress in what I want to be done. In spite of my tiredness I read the Scroll 1 and I had a nice feeling of success.