Week 5 – Day 5

An intensive week is almost gone ! What happens with the time ? It is running too fast …

During the last webinar I was caught by those words “Helping others believe in a new reality for themselves” and “My bliss is creating an experience that helps all people look within … Let’s create a world of people who have the sunshine in their eyes, lighting the path for otehrs simply by their presence.”

The choices we make for our life are non-conventional. Not that we intend to be non-conventional. Simply we chose what is right for us, what is consistent with our values, what we believe in, what we love. And nothing sounds really extraordinary to us; we are just strong believers. Because of the distinctiveness of our experiences people we meet, friends, family, make us talk about our life: they ask questions, they show interest. And at one point what we tell makes them feel bad. They start judging themselves and then think we are judging them. As an example when we were biking to Beijing in 2006-2007 some friends would not email us because they thought their life was boring compared to our experience. Or when we talk about education, the way we do with our daughters, some start comparing with what they did. They think they could have done better and they feel guilty. This was never our intention.

It happened that we lost friends and that reations are difficults with some family members. Some reproach us doing different. We are not looking for troubles. We hardly understand why making different choices can lead to discord, why our difference disturbs.

With this experience I don’t feel like willing to inspire others. I rather feel like I keep my energy fo myself, for my projects, for my very close family. I do not want people to feel bad when they realize I have the courage to make the choices they are not willing to make.

With my husband we recently chose stop talking abour ourselves and rather ask questions. I believe to work on ourselves, change ourselves and get results will talk by itself. No words will be needed any more and we will meet people vibrating at the same energy level, in a change dynamic.


Week 4 – Day 4

Here is what I wrote this early morning to my dear guide …

dear Andrew,
you offered me to get in contact for whatever is related to my MKMMA experience outside DMP.
this is the right time …
I just want to share that I feel lost. I missed the webcast last sunday because I wasn’t home, back in the night on tuesday, deeply tired the day after, blablabla …
what I mean is that it is hard to catch back on the webcast. I have different new things in my life at the same time, huge things: new network activity, new job, new training (MKMMA), new family project (homeschooling). and since yesterday we have friends home for a few days: I need to keep away from the distraction !
no panic: I know I can handle all that. I am not going to quit; I love this too much !
I wanted to share as an expression to get rid of that feeling and I choose you for that ;c))
for all these reasons I am a bit late on schedule.
now I just watched the webcast replay. I am going to fill in the survey straight after this email and then write my blog post.
but more important to me is to catch on that index card process. this is probably where I feel the most lost. not sure I really follow it !
my plan is to take my full saturday to rewatch all the webcast and get the global picture. I wish I could get an easy step-by-step process to implement the methodology.
I know that by taking actions I will progessively lose the feeling of being overwhelmed, confused and lost.
thanks for reading me ;c))
hopefully soon the last version of my DMP.
have a lovely day,

Week 3 – Day 3

I am going to be away for 5 days and I just remembered to write my blog post. Not something I really like to do. What can I tell on this blog ? Although I feel the MKMMA experience very deep and really interesting I do not have the motivation to write about that.

Sunday night, after the webinar (in France it is 10pm when I attend it) my energy level was so high (thanks Mark, Davene and Trish for such a high commitment) that I could not sleep. It is pretty hard to get concentrated so late at night. And I don’t like to stay so late behinf the screen. I think it is better for me as I cannot afford more bad sleeping (almost 6 years without continuous sleep – I have young daughters) to follow the replay. Than I can also take the time to stop and relisten what was not obvious at first.

Globally I feel really good with a high energy level and I am very motivated to meet the world and to to go one step beyond. To unblock my resistances.

I become conscious of my automatic negative thoughts. And funny my husband who does not follow the training makes me be aware of those wrong thoughts. It is as if he was getting the learnings from me. Am I already radiating ?

This weekend I am going to attend a big event with 3000 people. Something I had never done before. Quite scarry for me actually ! I have to show myself, go and talk to people … This is going to be an experience. I truly believe that my choice of starting a networking business is not a coincidence … It means a lot to me !


Week 2 – Day 4

All this week I am alone. DoM and the girls went to visit his mother. I appreciate the quietness of the house, to eat at any time and most important to focus on what I want to accomplish. I start to find my way in organizing my days so that I can do all what I plan to do: job, readings, contacts, biking, … My feeling of being overwhelmed has vanished.

I feel passionate by the master key learnings. Some of the things I knew already but here the approach makes me go deeper in the understanding and deeper in the experience. It is just the beginning …

I feel myself more focused on positive thoughts. This afternoon I wrote with colours on a blank sheet positive words: trust, love, wealth, joy, happyness, … and sticked it on the wall. I feel the power of having those colourful words in front of me while I am working. I decided I will entertain only positive thoughts and it feels so good taht I do not want this to be different.

I am truly impatient to discover how this training program is going to change me ! I believe it will but I am wondering how: how am I going to be in 6 months from now ? My dream: to see the law of attraction working and my Definite Purpose being realized.