Weeks 20 & 21 – Work in progress …

For the last 2 weeks I keep wondering what am I going to write in my blog ? This sense of emptyness, this lack of inspiration puzzled me: is there anything happening in me ? I am following this highly powerful program (MKMMA) and I feel nothing !!! How is this possible …

I stopped judging myself on this point and let it go … Still I can’t find much to write and I accept it ! And I stop comparing myself to others.

This personal development is a work in progress. I am convinced things are happening inside. The last months have been quite intense and I keep moving forward.


Weeks 18 & 19 – Who is the woman ?

Those last weeks I realized that the first step of my hero’s journey is to unveil to myself the woman I am. Being a good and caring mum is one of the roles of this woman. Being an successful entrepreneur is also one of them. Being a loving wife is an additional one. … But who is the woman ? Where is the woman ?

Today I feel I need to go back to the fundamentals, that I need to care for my inner being. What does the woman I am want to express to the world ? It looks a little bit like I spent all those years forgetting I am a woman first. Well here starts the work …

After some time sitting, thinking, exercising, I can start answering the question. As a woman I want to embody splendor, light, love, freedom, success and creativity.

As we are focusing this week on expanding our comfort zone I can tell that thinking about me as being a woman sounds unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Maybe there is fear behind: the fear to feel the power of being a woman !

I want to open the doors and discover the depth of my feminity to reveal myself and let my treasure shine.



Week 17 HJ – I am not a label !

A few days ago I was recommended by a friend to watch a video (see below). I felt deeply touched while watching it. And it reminded me the learnings of the MKMMA.

I am commited to the Master Key Experience and I answered the call for my hero’s journey going to meet my authentic self. I am engaged to erase the labels that were given to me and discover who I really am.