2016 Week 13 – The person I intend to become

Reading my blueprint builder this morning I got stuck on this sentence:

I concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person.

Which person do I intend to become ? And here is the answer, in French and English:



2016 Week 12 – Yes, with gusto !

I spent week 12 of the Master Key experience in the haze, with a big cold. Though focusing on charging myself with love. My objective for every week was to start reading my DMP with gusto. For any reason the invitation of reading aloud with enthusiasm kept me uncomfortable …

Today after lunch I went for a walk with our dog. I started with my usual affirmations and gratitudes, silently in my head as usual. And then once I started aloud, with gusto and enthusiasm. Waow it feels completely differently. I felt I was talking to the world and affirming my burnest desires, affirming who I am, sending my gratitudes to the outside world.

YES I made it and I am very happy to reach this objective. Today I am moved to praise and send my enthusiasm outside then I shout from the gardens among the olive trees and the vineyards.


2016 Week 11 – Today I begin a new … DMP

Yesterday morning I received in my email box an ad about a one week jouney at the Red Sea to go swimming with the dolphins. It was sent by a beautiful person I know from Belgium. The proposal is to spend a week on a boat, with other families and taking time to swim, read, draw, play, and just be together.


I immediately felt this is something I would deeply love to experience with my family. As minutes went by I felt that I need to live something exceptional now, not in some years from now. I want to live something that is not useful, something that may seem superfluous. It does not fit my life project.

It is something meant only for pleasure !

I love my DMP. I love the life I draw in my DMP and I deeply feel this is the life I desire. But the delay is too long in order for me to see the results of my deep commitment to the teachings of the MKMMA. I can even feel some boredom while reading my DMP every day. And this is not what I want ! I want to feel fire, excitement, enthusiasm, motivation to keep growing and making my desire come true.

A few hours later I booked the trip for our family. It is a 6000€ budget ! First lesson applies: do not live by the methods; live by intention ! No idea where the money will come from !

“What things soever ye desire, when you pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”

Mark 11:24

“We are first to believe that our desire has already been fulfilled, its accomplishment will then follow. […]making use of the creative power of thought by impressing on the Universal subjective mind, the particuliar thing which we desire as an already existing fact.”

Charles F. Haanel 11:18

As knowledge does not apply itself I have a good case to work on ! And I feel so enthusiast, so excited, so thrilled by this new purpose.

I am about to write a special DMP specifically dedicated to this burning desire. While I was a child, with my parents, no fun in life: we were working, studying and cleaning. I do not wish such a life for my family. I want fun, excitement, joy, exceptional experiences.

Today I do not have an ounce of doubt that this is going to happen. I feel it deep in my heart, deep in my mind. The love for my family is so huge that THIS is simply and easily going to happen. Effortlessly !



2016 Week 10 – The law of giving

I realize in this year MKMMA experience that the law of giving is challenging me. I strongly believe this is a key to the vault.

When thinking about “giving more to get more” I remind my childhood and later when I was sending postcards to everyone, writing letters or emails and not receiving returns. Not even a “thank you” or “very nice to have sent that to me”. Not a really nice memory …

I must admit that I became slowly reluctant to give.

Today I learn that there are many ways of giving: reading and commenting other members’ blogs, sharing in the Alliance area, living my burnest desire as an example for the others, letting my light shining …


Then the other morning I received the mail from Davene reminding to go to 5 blogs a week and commenting. Thanks for the reminder ! I went to the blog roll to check what blogs I had to follow and discovered my blog address disappeard from the blog roll ! Very interesting for me: nobody can follow my blog if I am not in the blog roll ! So the only way for me to get people to follow my blog is to follow and comment on their blog. I love it ! Thank you for scrapping my name from the blog roll and letting me experience deeper the law of giving and giving more without expectation.

Today I also learned that what I give to someone can return to me from someone else. This is great too ! It releases the pressure I used to put on myself when someone was gicing to me that I HAD to give something back to him or her. Today I feel much lighter with that.

I truly like the law of giving !