2016 Week 16 – Harmony within

Finding harmony within is my daily quest since 2015 when I started the Master Key Master Mind Alliance 6 months program for the first time. Reading Haanel, Og Mandino, Emerson. Following the teachings of Mark and Davene Januszewski. Fulfilling assignments aimaing at growing towards a higher level of personal achievment. … The program is dense and challenging but the promise is worth.

Convinced that following this course will guide me to the harmony within I am looking for I started working daily and dug into the teachings. The cement around my true self cracking a bit more every day I found out that there were things in my life I had to clean. I made a heavy cleaning …

And kept learning and working daily. 7 days mental diet: yes I made it. Reading the blueprint builder every day. Reading 3 times a day my Definite Major Purpose. Starring in the glass and saying that I love myself: yes done ! And still looking for harmony within … On the contrary the more I was digging in my inner self, the less I was feeling in harmony …

Came the point I thought I should share this experience with my guide as he may guide to the answer. We planned a live call. Jim is really kind-hearted. He listened the story of my journey. As I could have expected he pointed out the missing link: the daily sit.


My mind is all over the place: professional projects, personal achievements, children, husband, … Me sitting daily ? Are you kidding ? Such a waste of time. Of course I can do it. But really I have something else to do like going out and walking. This is not for me.

Then I realized the meanings I had behind sitting: a waste of time ! How then could I implement it in my daily life. Jim has been very smart and said “What if you combined walk and sit ?”. Ah ? Sounds interesting …

The day after I was impatient to try this new formula. I went outside, had a 10 minutes brisk walk uphill, reached the edge of a small canyon, and sat there for 15 minutes. Do you know what ? It was almost too short …


And I can tell immediately the good it brings to me. I am happy to add this new key to my daily quest. Oh it is 4 pm already ! So I leave you there as silence is waiting for me !


7 thoughts on “2016 Week 16 – Harmony within

  1. Dear Cynthia, I am so happy for you. Finding harmony through daily sits is essential. We should learn that at school, don’t you think ? Mindfulness, mindsight, meditation, synchronization, sits in silence, mind training, l√Ęcher prise, whatever the name we give to it, it should be part of our education because it is as beneficial for our health and well-being as brushing our teeth ! Well sort of, but you know what I mean… Love to you and have a great journey with mkmma.


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