2016 Week 20 – Angry of feeling guilty

Today I feel angry of feeling guilty …

Why do I feel guilty ? I missed 2 weeks of writing my blog posts.I haven’t followed the blogs of my fellow MKMM’ers. I have been less outside for my combo walk + sit.. I haven’t read the Master Key System every day. I haven’tu been able to follow the “5 small habits” routine. Stuck at home, working hard, I haven’t been out enough to be able to observe the virtues around be. I want to write a new DMP but haven’t done it yet. I follow the webcast only on replay as the live webcast are too lat for me (I do not want to start my week being tired). …


Mark & Davene are prompting us to dig into the work, each requirement being essential to reach the achievement of my DMP. Haanel writes:

Unless you di this you had better not to start at all, because modern psychology tell us that when we start something and do not complete it, or make a resolution and do not keep it, we are forming the habit of failure; absolute, ignominious failure.

Why do I feel angry ? Because I am not failing ! I am taking actions. Every day I give the best of myself. New contracts are signed without any specific action from my side. I have an excellent relationship with my husband and we are building our future together. We organize family outings. I am about to open a new online store. I am happy and celebrate each success.

She's reached the end of her rope!

Do I really need to feel guilty ? No of course ! I am on my way and I stay connected to the Master Key teachings. I am in a time of achievements which gives me less availibility for the course. It is essential to me to devote full attention to my family during the weekends. I do not spend time watching TV or on Facebook.

And most important:

I live this day as if it is my last. … The duties of today I fulfill today. Today I fondle my children … Today I embrace my man with sweet kisses … Today I lift up a friend in need … Today I give myself in sacrifice and work.

Og Mandino



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