About Cynthia

laurence-79Hi, I am Cynthia Maincent, 42. I was born in Brussels and lived there until October 2003. After some years working in Africa and some biking to Beijing DoM and I settled in France, in the middle of the Alps. We had our two daughters and then came the time we were fed up with removing snow and long winters. Beautiful, sunny Ardèche called us and we live there for 4 years now.

The reason why we chose Ardèche is for a school and to get closer to Hameau des Buis ecovillage. We learned a lot about education, ecological building and permaculture.

Today we are a homeschooling family and we enjoy it deeply ! It feels so nice to live at our own pace, the timing being the one we chose. Our daughters have time to play, to play and to listen music, to read, to be outside… Each day is different ! We feel being one striving in the same direction.


I am an entrepreneur providing services in the customer care area. I am also developing a new activity in webmarketing and ecommerce.

I am passionate about personal development and education. I sing in a choir. I wish I had time to develop some manual talents.

I love life !


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