2016 Week 10 – The law of giving

I realize in this year MKMMA experience that the law of giving is challenging me. I strongly believe this is a key to the vault.

When thinking about “giving more to get more” I remind my childhood and later when I was sending postcards to everyone, writing letters or emails and not receiving returns. Not even a “thank you” or “very nice to have sent that to me”. Not a really nice memory …

I must admit that I became slowly reluctant to give.

Today I learn that there are many ways of giving: reading and commenting other members’ blogs, sharing in the Alliance area, living my burnest desire as an example for the others, letting my light shining …


Then the other morning I received the mail from Davene reminding to go to 5 blogs a week and commenting. Thanks for the reminder ! I went to the blog roll to check what blogs I had to follow and discovered my blog address disappeard from the blog roll ! Very interesting for me: nobody can follow my blog if I am not in the blog roll ! So the only way for me to get people to follow my blog is to follow and comment on their blog. I love it ! Thank you for scrapping my name from the blog roll and letting me experience deeper the law of giving and giving more without expectation.

Today I also learned that what I give to someone can return to me from someone else. This is great too ! It releases the pressure I used to put on myself when someone was gicing to me that I HAD to give something back to him or her. Today I feel much lighter with that.

I truly like the law of giving !




2016 Weeks 9 – Love Love … and more Love

My Week 9 post is coming late … Sorry ! I did not really had the inspiration. And I am still struggling with time. I never have enough time ! Is it the same for you who reads me ? Every day I end my day thinking I did not have time enough.

I just read from Mark’s post: detachment ! Yes I want to be detached from this feeling …

From The Master Key System’s Week 9 I like to remember this sentence:

If you require Love try to realize that the only way to get love is by giving it, that the more you give the more you will get, and the only only way in which you can give it, is to fill yourself with it, until you become a magnet.

Charles F. Haanel

Yes I want to become a love magnet !


Reading every day

I great this day with Love in my heart.

Og Mandino

I feel my heart is inflating like a balloon. And I observe my daughters coming more an more looking for cuddles at different times in the day. And my husband too. The ffeling is deep inside.

This morning reading Lori’s blog my attention was caught by the title of the book she is reading: “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson. Thanks Lori for this nice reference.



2016 Week 8 – Plan of action for a positive mental attitude

It is my second Master Key Master Mind experience. Last year was powerful already but I can tell than this year is even bigger. Probably last year was just to sow the seeds …

A few days ago I came to the conclusion that I may not be on the right tracks. Indeed all the actions I implement to reach my definite purpose in life are not evolving … This led me to a depressing state of mind and I realized how negative is my world within.

Hopefully I have enough resources inside to cheer up. I decided then to develop my plan of action for a positive mental attitude.

Action 1 was inspired by the quote of George Matthews Adams

Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.

It was time for me to free myself from such a huge weight in my mind. I put it first on paper, numbers of sheets and then burned them along the river, in nature.


After what I wrote a real letter and sent them. What a relief ! Something I should have done years ago …

Next step, take relief, release the pression and set back balance. I went for a walk, alone with our dog, and my mind was clear. Creativity was there. Yes !

Then I met a friend and she offered me a session of intuitive drawing in order to access to this part of myself that is a bit buried for the moment.

And most of all I feed myself with gratitude !

2016 Week 7 – Descent into hell

Not a really sexy title isn’t it ? Sorry I am not going to be sexy in this post ! There is no point hiding the truth …

Yesterday was the day I planned to start my 7 days mental diet. The day started with my daughter repeating an inappropriate behavior which made me really angry. Then was lunch time with my younger daughter looking for conflict as usual when we are eating. And this was just too much, the drop of water that made the vase overflow …

The descent into hell started …


The more I dig into the MKMMA the more I receive the opposite of what I demand. I deeply desire poise and harmony I receive conflicts, tensions, troubles, … Ok this must be the reflect of my world within but how can I definitively get poise and harmony within ? Where is this coming from ? Mark spoke about genetically predisposition to negativity bias I think I have a huge genetically predisposition for a troubled inner world …

In Scroll I I read every day ” […] I begin to awake, each morning, with a vitality I have never known before. My vigor increases, my enthusiasm rises, my desire to meet the world overcomes every fear I once knew at sunrise, and I am happier than I ever believed it possible […]”. My nights are bad and I wake up tired, my vitality decreases every hour, I lose my enthusiasm, I am unable to read with gusto, I am scared to meet the world, and I am definitely not happy.

I have a wonderful Definite Major Purpose which I read every day. I have a beautiful poster just in front of my nose. And where am I so far ? No-where ! The actions I unfold are not succeeding and the poor results are simply wearing me off. I keep sacrificing daily for NO results !

I lose my faith !


Why is my inner world filled with so much garbage ? What do I do wrong ?

I miss positive signs, I need encourgament, signs from the Universe that I am on the way. I keep sending my demands and not receiving the supply. I keep working hard, focusing, visualizing, … no answer to the call !

May this stage be the one allowing me to empty my world within of all the negativity it contains. May this stage be the one clearing the channel once for all.




2016 Week 6 – Living with intention

Last week was off for me. I had a busy break ! Even though my routine completely broke into pieces I focused on being an observer. Here are some of my observations.

When I do not work I can hardly hold my daily routine regarding the MKMMA requirements. It is true that my readings are scheduled during my working day as oxygen for my mind. I will work for 50 or 65 minutes then have a read. So when I do not work is is that I do not need this oxygen ?

With my husband we have taken the “no opinion” challenge very seriously. Just between the two of us, as soon as we rip on an opinion talk, we emind each other “no opinion” and we are doing not too bad. It gets more challenging when I am with other people ! I observed that I can easily rip and give my opinion. I also observe that while holding an opinion how I can feel the addiction so powerful: I really want to give my opinion ! There is a inner fight going on inside of me.

Working from home, not commuting daily, I do not have many opportunities to look for the colored shapes. During one of our hikes I was very happy there were so many arbutus trees with their pretty red fruits hanging. Of course green trinagles were everywhere ! And the sun was shining in a deep blue sky. All the shapes were around !

I also took the habit to repeat 25 times, twice a day “do it now !” … Any time I walk up or down the stairs I start my repetitions. It can happen more than twice a day ;c))


During the break week my husband and I had the opportunity to go to the movie without our daughters (soooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooool !). We saw “Odyssey” a great movie featuring the life of the famous Commandant Cousteau. One of the elements that particularly drew my attention is his way of living with intention and not by the methods. It was striking ! Any great idea he had even though he did not have the finance for he would go for it, without a second of hesitation, with such an strong intention. I was deeply touched by his strenght, his will. I was impressed how he could concentrate on his idea and manifest the solution in a few hours. Unfortunately he followed his bliss at the cost of his family. His ambition was so big that he lost the sense of his life balance.

2016 Week 5 – My mental house-cleaning


This week Master Key lesson touches deeply my major actual concern. My mind is clogged by thoughts related to a toxic relationship I cannot get rid of. For a few months now I know that I have to cut this relationship but I haven’t found the way to do it.

When this mental house-cleaning process has been completed, the material which is left will be suitable for the making of the kind of ideals or mental images which we desire to realize.

My thoughts keep turning aroung this situation over and over, wearying me. One of my personal pivotal need is “recognition of my creative expression”. To develop my creative expression I need my mind to be 100% focused on my projects. I need all my capacity to create, to develop, to unfold my definite major purpose.

I discover my world within has been impressed by despondent, negative, doubtful material, I have inherited from this toxic relationship.

Today I begin a new life

And I choose to proceed to my mental house-cleaning as from today. I choose to reconnect with my own creative power. I consciuously make the choice regardless of any other person interest but mine.

And I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing retards my new life’s growth.

2016 Week 4 – I always keep my promises …

The week is ending and it is time to write my blog post before shutting down the computer for the entire weekend. It is habit, a GOOD habit ;c)) I have not to turn on the computer during the weekend. The weekend is sacred time spent with my family but also time I need to achieve home services (not to say chores ;c))


At the end of this week I feel some frustration. I have been half sick all week and I have some delay in my work and other things I wanted to finalize. Also I do not have much inspiration for this article. My eyes are burning in front of the computer, my head is hurting, my throat is soar, … Would be much better in my bed ! But I made a promise and I always keep my promises: each week I write a blog post related to my MKMMA experience. As I do not want to form the habit of failure I decide to write down something instead of nothing even if my inspiration is not at its highest.